Rosland Capital Overview

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Company Name: Rosland Capital


Founded: 2008

Owners: Marin Aleksov


BBB Rating: A


BCA Rating: AAA


Trustlink Star Rating: 3/5



  • 7 Complaints on BBB

  • 8 Complaints on BCA

  • 5/12/2014 complaint on BBB: “The company will not tell me the status of my order, and does not return my calls. On Jan 30 I expedited a check for 1563.60 for the purchase and shipping of 1 gold American buffalo, and 10 silver maple leafs. The order was confirmed (#XXXXXXXXX). The check cleared my bank on Feb 5th. They promise to ship within 10 days. It has been 20 days. I have called them 4 times and cannot seem to talk with anyone who can help me or tell me the status of the order. Each time I called, they said that someone by the name of ****** ***** would call back. Never did. I feel quite helpless and cheated.”

  • 4/29/2014 complaint on Trustlink: “Dishonest!! Stay Away!! Most dishonest company I have ever dealt with. They do not tell you about their 35-30% upcharge over actual value of coins. Beware of bait & switch. They have no conscience and do not care about their customers. If you are stupid enough to do business with them – KNOW your prices. CROOKS !!”

  • 11/29/2012 complaint on Trustlink: “These guys are scam artists. I simply wanted to buy a couple of one ounce gold coins (and knew what they should cost). When Rosland figured out they couldn’t “con” me they told me I didn’t know what I was talking about and hung up on me.”

  • 11/30/2012 complaint on Trustlink: “My advice: Stay Away!! This company seems to be hoping to prey on ignorant or uninformed investors who are willing to overpay. DO SOME BASIC RESEARCH and you will find many other reputable companies who will sell you the same thing for MUCH LESS. They almost had me until I figured out how much i was being overcharged.”

  • 4/2/2014 complaint on Trustlink: “Overpriced coin sellers. STAY AWAY! These guys unfortunately are advertised heavily on talk radio. That’s how they got my dad to buy from them (and, to be sure, could have easily ensnared me as well). They are advertising coins on their website, right now, for over $1300.00, that can easily be had at other shops like American Gold Exchange for around $725. (I’ve got quite a few of the same that I’m trying to sell.) My dad bought $10k “worth” of gold. We’ll be lucky to get half of that back. 25% went to the market falling lower than it was. The other 25% went right into these jackholes’ pockets. Stay away. Stay far far away. And shame on anyone who lets these scam artists advertise with them”